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4 July 2004
Welcome to the 'A Republic: If You Can Keep It!' Blog
Topic: General

This is the website's general/miscellaneous blog. For the time being, at the time of this first posting, it is open to any topic (although, as time goes on- and, depending on how issues of "traffic management" may later arise, one might begin to see a shift of major topics of interest to this site [such as 'Politics' or 'Society'] or other topics not directly related to the mission of this site [say, 'Sports'] to one or more separate blogs).

Please note that this is a moderated blog: that is, the ordinary web-surfer who might, for whatever rather bizarre reason, might come across (and, further, actually be interested in) this site is certainly welcome to post to this blog, subject to the review of 'The Graying Champion' before anything intended for this blog is thereafter made public on the Internet. Please be patient, too: I have a life and, thus, I won't necessarily be able to take the time to review and post your comments mere minutes after you might have made them!

The rules for posting to this blog? Obviously, the usual ones involving decorum (for example, if a word you are inclined to use is one you wouldn't want a 6-year-old to be repeating to his/her friends, then don't use it!) and sanity (keep it relatively short, make your point reasonably clear) apply. 'The Graying Champion' is a flexible, free-speech loving guy, but not so flexible as to be mere putty! The leash here is rather long... but it does include a choke collar!! ;-)

Posted by the graying champion at 11:41 AM EDT
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